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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Loan Portfolio

Increase your profitability and financial success by leveraging our AI-Powered SaaS Platform.

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Improve your overall efficiency rates

Maximize your cross-selling opportunities

Gain comprehensive post-close monitoring

Are You Suffering from These Common Issues?

  • Do you lose sight of your Borrowers and their financial standing once you close a loan?
  • Are you tired of missing opportunities for growth in your loan portfolio?
  • Do you struggle to get Borrowers through the loan modification process?
  • Do defaulted mortgage loans give you a headache just thinking about dealing with them?
  • Are your call centers overwhelmed with questions from Borrowers that could be addressed in other ways?
  • Are you dealing with rising costs and aren’t sure how to fix it?
  • Are you frustrated with manual and time-consuming processes that take away from more important tasks?
  • Do you suffer from high employee turnover, margin erosion, and irregular cash flow?

thryv™️ by Crowd Capital is your solution for a more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable loan portfolio. Contact us today to learn more.

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Reimagine the Way Your Loan Portfolio is Serviced

thryv™️ by Crowd Capital enables community banks, credit unions, and loan servicers to reduce the time, effort, and cost of managing their existing loan portfolio. Our AI-powered SaaS platform offers a range of benefits that will help you get more out of your mortgage loans than you ever thought possible. By leveraging thryv™️, you can:

using artificial intelligence to monitor borrower spending

Monitor Borrower Financial Health Post-Close

Keep a pulse on your loan portfolio and potential defaults by easily reviewing a Borrower’s comprehensive financial health across bank accounts, credit card transactions, as well as traditional and alternative credit scores.

Digitize and Streamline the Loss Mitigation Process

Coordinate with Borrowers through an intuitive platform to complete their application, upload documents, negotiate loan terms, and more.

Digitize Loss Mitigation
Man setting up accounts on phone

Create Opportunities to Expand Your Portfolio

By positioning yourself as an ally instead of an adversary, you’ll build better relationships with the Borrower which will give you the trust necessary to secure more of their business when the time is right.

Increase Efficiency Rate Through Self-Service Options

By deflecting low-value interactions like phone calls to conversational AI and chats, your team will be freed up to handle more important tasks and a higher case load.

Self-Service Options

When you sign up to work with thryv™️, you gain access to the latest innovation in cloud technology that enables you to streamline the servicing and management of your loan portfolio. Schedule a call to see how our platform can transform your loan portfolio.

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