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Our fund is redefining second chances, one delinquent mortgage at a time.

Our Crowd Capital fund helps investors profit by helping distressed borrowers keep their homes.

Increase Returns • Diversify Portfolios • Help Borrowers

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Make a Difference with Crowd Capital

Crowd Capital uses transformative technology that identifies delinquent residential mortgages and borrowers that are primed for loan modifications and then guides them through the process.

Invest in the Crowd Capital Fund

Secure your financial future by investing in the Crowd Capital Fund, which is collateralized by low-risk, diversified assets.

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Leverage Crowd Capital Technology

Make use of Crowd Capital’s innovative technology to optimize the investment in your mortgage-backed portfolio.

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The Crowd Capital Edge

A unique alternative asset investment that provides the ultimate win-win for your portfolio.

Powerful Technology

A better borrower experience leads to higher investor returns

Profit with Purpose

Negate wealth stigmas by helping distressed borrowers keep their homes

Experienced Management

50 years of collective experience and $50M in distressed mortgage loans

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Feel Good, Twice

Investors no longer have to choose between social responsibility and solid returns—the Crowd Capital Fund offers both.

Take Advantage of Alternative Asset Investing

With the Crowd Capital Fund, everyday investors have access to an alternative asset class. This provides new wealth creation opportunities to everyone—not just wealthy individuals and investment firms.

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Minimize Your Risk With Actionable Intelligence

Crowd Capital’s Risk Mitigation Engine mines proprietary data sets to help make strategic investment decisions and constantly monitor assets within the portfolio for re-default risk.

Our Borrower-Centric Approach Fuels Higher Returns

Crowd Capital’s Borrower app streamlines the loan modification process, proactively engages with Borrowers, provides Borrowers with a simple, intuitive way to communicate with their servicers and improves their financial literacy.

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Explore Crowd Capital's Technology
Crowd Capital’s management team boasts 50+ years of collective experience

We’re No Strangers to Investment Success

Crowd Capital’s management team boasts 50+ years of collective experience.

And Our Success Is Ensuring Yours

Crowd Capital’s management team has invested in more than $50 million of distressed mortgage loans.

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