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Diversify your portfolio with an alternative investment that gives back.

Earn passive income through re-performing mortgage notes while giving families the opportunity to keep their homes and improve their financial stability.

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Invest in real estate without the hassle of owning property

Generate strong risk-adjusted returns

Pay $0 in fund management fees

Investment Strategy

The Crowd Capital Fund is creating an opportunity for investors to make strong risk-adjusted returns on the stabilized mortgage notes of residential single-family homes.

We Purchase Real Estate Debt

We use a 10+ year proven diligence process to find mortgage notes fitting our specific investment criteria and then buy them at a significant discount.

We Make Loans More Affordable

We work with the homeowners to restructure their loans so their mortgage payments are more affordable and then we collect interest payments on the loan.

You Get Paid Quarterly

Investors receive a portion of all interest collected for the duration of the loan and also share in the market appreciation of the sale of the stabilized loan.

The Fund’s mortgages are secured by occupied single-family residences across the United States. It generates profits by collecting principal and interest payments after the loan has been modified and captures capital appreciation by reselling the mortgage once it becomes re-performing – typically 12-18 months later.

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We’re Not Your Average Real Estate Investment Fund

Crowd Capital offers investors the ability to make a positive social impact while generating strong risk-adjusted returns from their real estate investment. Over 775,000 families face foreclosure every year. If those families can’t reach a solution with their current lenders, the impacts of a foreclosure will disrupt the families lives in ways many cannot comprehend. Financial setbacks shouldn’t leave permanent scars. We are committed to changing the way homeowners are treated by avoiding foreclosures whenever possible. At the same time, this gives investors the opportunity to let their money work as hard as they do to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Crowd Capital is Redefining Second Chances

The Advantages of
Investing with Crowd Capital

Impact investments shouldn’t come at the cost of low-or-no returns, so we’ve developed proprietary technology that helps us modify and de-risk homeowner behavior creating a low-risk investment strategy. Here are a few of the many advantages investors gain by investing with us:

Passive Income

Our experienced team handles the investment from start to finish, allowing investors to receive returns without additional effort.

Low Volatility

Our investment fund is not publicly traded and therefore is not subject to the volatility of the stock market.

Asset-Backed Protection

Our investments are purchased at a discount and secured by physical single-family homes that can be sold in the event a loan defaults.

No Investment Fees

We share in the overall profits from the resale of the mortgage note, so we do not collect a fee to manage the fund.

When you invest in the Crowd Capital Fund, you’ll be giving families a second chance to get back on their feet and keep their home. Aligning your investment strategy to your values has never been easier. Start investing today!

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Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

For over a decade, our Management Team has purchased and worked out over $50 million of distressed Mortgage Loan debt nationwide, giving over 250 families an opportunity to stay in their homes. We do that by compassionately working with them to find sustainable solutions to return to paying their mortgages. Families that work with us are 3-4 times more likely to keep their homes!

Case Study House

Loan Modification Huntsville, AL

Borrower had missed some payments, but they maintained the exterior of their home and were up to date on their tax payments, indicating a strong desire to keep their home.

$18,917 Total Returns
44.4% ROI
21.9% IRR
18.8% Annualized Return
Case Study House

Deed-in-Lieu Memphis, TN

Borrower was disabled and their spouse passed away. Their Social Security Disability payments did not cover their mortgage, so they decided to leave their home.

$23,089 Total Returns
41.6% ROI
8.2% IRR
8.2% Annualized Return
Case Study House

Foreclosure Charlotte, NC

The borrower was unresponsive to all outreach. When offered a loan modification, the borrower refused and instead let the house go into foreclosure.

$28,107 Total Returns
31.0% ROI
17.1% IRR
17.1% Annualized Return

We deliver double-bottom-line returns that investors can feel good about. Start investing today!

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Key Fund Details

The Crowd Capital Fund is offering accredited investors the opportunity to make attractive risk-adjusted returns with strong downside protection. We create win-win scenarios for both homeowners and investors, by making house payments more affordable and by profiting from the increased stability of the underlying mortgages as they are paid. That’s profit with purpose!



9-18% Returns

6% annual hurdle rate and pro-rata profit sharing quarterly


60 month lockup with best effort to return principal after 32 months

Ways to Invest with Crowd Capital

Invest with Cash

You can invest in the Fund using cash funds available in your checking or savings accounts. You will receive quarterly dividends on your investment. It’s a completely passive way to earn ordinary income or grow your wealth.

Use Your IRA to Invest

Don’t have liquid cash available? Many people are unaware they can use the funds in their IRA to invest in alternative asset classes such as Crowd Capital Fund! Using your retirement account is a great way to boost your overall returns and benefit from passive tax-free/deferred earnings. Ask us how.


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